Pledge Name: J.Z.
Pledge Mom: Bonnie Suen

Year: Senior
​Major: Politics, Philosophy, and Law
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: Syosset, NY 

When did you cross and what class are you? 

Spring 2013 bitch. Eta class for life 


What makes you nostalgic? 

I'm a sucker for music and perfect timing. Certain songs remind me of certain moments (my avrilcookie days) and are linked to moments I hold dear to me. As for perfect timing, lately, when I hang out with sisters in my room or when we go on adventures, I can't help but mentally capture the moment in my head. When we're laughing, throwing subs, or just talking, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and love for my sisters. Simple, bittersweet moments like these make it hard for me to leave them.


Favorite memory in SOPi?

I really don't have a favorite memory with SOPi, only because every time I'm with them I'm able to make new and better memories each time. 


Fun Fact/ interesting thing about yourself: 

I have a shopping problem.