Pledge Name: Sage
Pledge Mom: Gloria Kwon

Year: Junior
​Major: Politics, Philosophy, and Law
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

When did you cross and what class are you? 

Fall 2014, Iota Class


If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

I would use the money to buy a new house for SOPi since our current one is falling apart. I would also give most of it to my parents and sister and then I would go on vacation for the entire month of January to Punta Cana. 


Favorite memory in SOPi so far?

I can’t pinpoint an exact memory, but I would say the accumulation of everything from pledging to now. I wouldn’t trade SOPi for anything, not even if I won the lottery. 😉 


Fun Fact/ interesting thing about yourself: 

I love coffee. I drink it more than water.