shang sisterhood .JPG


Pledge Name: Aurelia

Pledge Mom: Vanessa Liang

Seung Hye Yang

Year: Sophomore

Major: Double majoring in PPL and History 

Ethnicity: Korean 🇰🇷

Hometown: Bayside, Queens representttt 


When did you cross and what class are you?

Spring ‘17 with my Notorious Nus 


What is your favorite thing about SOPi?

Sisters who feed me when I am hungry; the key to any heart is good food and good people, and SOPi has both.


If you could pick anyone to act out the story of your life, who would you pick?

Rachel McAdams because she is such a talented and versatile actress, and I need someone who can be a meanboi, softboi, and a sadboi just like me  


What is your definition of success?

A six-figure job where I can afford all 200 of my future designer handbags in my big, shiny walk-in closet, a white Audi X5, a mansion in the Gables and a summer house in the Hamptons, and a surrogate baby because I don’t want to develop stretch marks for an ungrateful child. 


What is something that you wish people would understood about you?

I wish people understood how much I love my cute TA. I hope he doesn’t see this.