Pledge Name: Chihiro

Pledge Mom: Rachel Man

Esther Park

Year: Senior

Major: Graphic Design

Ethnicity: Korean

Hometown: Queens, NY

When did you cross and what class are you?

Spring 18, Omicron class

What is your favorite thing about SOPi?

a group of friends who ae always down to do stupid stuff together

What makes you feel super loved?

I feel loved when I get hugs. When you have close friends around you, like, you guys know you love each other and would always be there for each other but sometimes a hug to remind them of that makes me feel warm and happy inside. :)

What's your philosophy in life?

definitely something along the lines of living in the moment I like being present in the moment with my attention and being mindful. I don't like lingering in the past and thinking about "what-if" scenarios. 'm a strong believer in thinking what is done is done and using that to learn rather than being hung up on the past.

Are brains or looks more important in a S/O?

definitely brains. Looks can only go so far. I think being able to connect both intellectually and emotionally is more important. Besides, I feel like someone's looks can grow on you and when you start to love them, you also love how they look.