Pledge Name: Katana

Pledge Mom: Jessica Huang 

Fiona Fung 

Year: junior 

Major: Integrative neuroscience 

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: flushing 

When did you cross and what class are you? Fall 15, lazy lambda

What is your favorite memory being in SOPi so far? 

I’ve really enjoyed all the road trips and vacations I’ve taken with sisters. Whether it be traveling to Penn State to visit Iota chapter, going to California for our national convention, or driving to Buffalo for Halloween, each one of these experiences has allowed me to bond with each sister …. probably because we’re always crammed into tiny rooms each time LOL

What is something you want to accomplish in the future? 

I want to move out to California! I don’t know when, but that’s somewhere I can definitely see myself happily living.


Name something no one knows about you. 

In third grade I gave a girl in my class gummies so she wouldn’t tell my crush that I liked him… LOL 

If you were deserted on an island, what are three things you would bring and why?

A lifetime supply of salmon because ya girl needs to eat the goods, a friend because I don’t want to be a lonely nigga, and netflix because I need something to do to pass time!