Pledge Name: Silvermist
Pledge Mom: Nina Li


Year: Sophomore
Major: Actuarial Science
Ethnicity: Korean
Hometown: Plainview Long Island, NY

When did you cross and what class are you?

Zetas Class!! My pledge sister Lianne and I crossed Spring '12.

What qualities do you respect and value in other people and why are they important to you?

Loyal, trustworthy, selflessness and kindhearted. I would go the extra mile for my friends and I trust everyone until they give me no reason to. But even then, I forgive very easily because I always try to see the good in people. In addition, trustworthiness is a trait very important to me because I hate to see people upset and I feel that when people confide in you with secrets, they did so for a reason. Selflessness is also very important to me because there are so many people out there who lack the simplest necessities in life. Give a little and you'll get back a whole lot.

What did you learn as a sister of SOPi?

As a sister of Sigma Omicron Pi, I learned how to confront my fears, which include public speaking and taking on more leadership positions. I believe that I no longer need that extra push from others to go for what I want because I now have enough motivation and confidence instilled within me, which allows me to push myself for more. I learned that there are no boundaries when it comes to achieving your goals especially when there are a large group of sisters beside you who share mutual goals. I don't get to say this often but I want to thank my sisters for constantly reminding me on a daily basis why I chose to join SOPi over other sororities through their selfless acts and all the sisterly love I receive.

What is a quirk of yours?

I've never eaten corn, a big mac, and a whopper. I think corn smells weird